About Joel Higham

Mr. Joel Higham – Chief Information Officer

Joel Higham is best described as a creator, a strategist and an athlete – both in sports and in business.   A life-long resident of the California Central Coast, he combines his passion for creative writing, illustration, graphic design and good fun to help small business enterprises advance their local business opportunities on a global scale.

A self-motivated, collaborative, people-oriented Information Technologist, Joel specializes in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  He researches promising technologies and develops customized, leading-edge online platforms for public and private sector organizations that strengthen the value-add chain between client, customer and wider communities of interest.

Confident, connected, open to change, Joel Higham’s core network of Millennium Generation co-conspirators in digital excellence are able to search across domains and industries to find the right solution for your organization.  Combining the best-of-breed technologies with elegant simplicity in application, Joel’s California-based team brings tomorrow to today. 




Joel E. Higham

Cell: +1 805 400 9141

Email: joelhigham@gmail.com


乔尔. 海厄姆先生


             乔尔. 海厄姆先生既是创业者,创意战略家,又是体育运动员。他常年居住在加利福尼亚中部海岸。他结合自己的创作激情,插画,平面设计和良好的乐趣,为小企业在全球范围内提供商业机会。他是一个有上进心,协作精神,以人为本的信息技术专家。 乔尔先生专注于创新和创业。他研究有前途的技术、定制的开发,为公共和私营部门或机构开发先进的在线平台,在广大客户和社区之间建立极具价值的关系链。

乔尔. 海厄姆先生保守秘密,善于沟通,包容改变,其数据优势核心网络能搜索整个网络及行业,为客户找到正确资讯。乔尔先生采用最先进技术,并简化其应用,将遥远的未来带到眼前。