About Us

Dear Friends,

We at the California-Jiangsu Enterprise Development Group welcome you to be our partner in fostering innovative solutions for a secure and sustainable world!

Our team builds innovative and entrepreneurial partnerships between the Central Coast of California and the Province of Jiangsu in China in support of the Memorandum of Understanding on Friendly Cooperation signed in Nanjing, China on April 14, 2013 by California Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. and Luo Zhijun, Party Secretary of Jiangsu Province.

We are a proud member of the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce and build entrepreneurial networks through strategic partnerships.   We forge between our partners the appropriate networking strategy, whether joint ventures, equity sharing, cross boundary alliances, purchase agreements, or collaborative research pacts.


The California-Jiangsu Enterprise Development Group forges strategic partnerships in the areas of:

Advanced Agriculture; Aerospace; Bio-medicine; Business and Executive Management; Environmental Protection; Executive Education, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship; Information Technology; Maritime and Ocean Science; New Energy Solutions; and, New Materials.


In helping our clients to realize the maximum mutual benefit, we pay careful attention to the following:

–    Expectation Management:  Helping client and partner agree on the stages of collaboration and the expected mutual benefits with milestones for their achievement.

 –   Facilitated Cooperation:  Establishing terms of reference, memorandums of agreement, and other frameworks for collaboration.  External legal, accounting and staffing support to establish a new venture can be included.

 –   Organization and management of collaborative platforms:  This many consist of developing online products, opening and managing liaison offices, managing fund raising and donation support for public organizations, or securing venture capital equity participation for private sector firms.  Wherever possible, we promote open innovation models and collective action.


We look forward to being your partner!




Dr. Walter L. Christman,  President and Founder


The California-Jiangsu Enterprise Development Group is a trade name of Global Strategic Analysis, LLC.
























The California-Jiangsu Enterprise Development Group is a trade name of Global Strategic Analysis, LLC. 加州-江苏企业开发集团是全球战略分析公司之商业名