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The Value Proposition:


The California-Jiangsu Enterprise Development Group fosters innovative and entrepreneurial education, research and investment partnerships between the Central Coast of California and Jiangsu Province in: advanced agriculture, aerospace, bio-medicine, business and enterprise management, environmental protection, executive education and entrepreneurship, information technology, marine and ocean science, new energy solutions, new materials.


We are a for-profit consulting company focused on creating value by forging partnerships. We forge the appropriate networking strategy, whether joint ventures, equity sharing, cross boundary alliances purchase agreements, or collaborative research pacts.


The Revenue Model:


On 5 April 2016,  Dr. Walter Christman, President of the China-California and California-Jiangsu Enterprise Development Groups signed a strategic cooperation agreement to open an office in Jiangsu Province, which is the area  immediately surrounding Shanghai and per capita the richest in China.  

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As evidenced from the media pictures it was an impressive ceremony.  We are establishing a trade and investment platform and opening our headquarters in a new office building 800 square meters on four floors.  Our headquarters is part of a new high technology park within walking distance to the high speed train between Shanghai and Beijing, one hour from the former and four hours from the latter.


We are teamed with a project called “The Wisdom Hub.”  It is in immediate proximity of a new University city also presently under construction that will consolidate in to a beautiful and spacious area ten current universities and colleges in the Zhenjiang area whose student population is about 125,000.   We expect in the coming years for that to double.  Dr. Christman believes the project will be of global significance in the coming years.